Want to be a Great Mom?? Put Yourself FIRST!

IMG_3376I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the disconnects around being a woman and motherhood. There is this whole “martyr” thing going on. How did so many fabulous woman buy into this CRAP idea that they have to sacrifice everything they are and put themselves LAST on their list of priorities in order to be a “GOOD MOM”???

I’ve specialized in weight loss for a long time and let’s face it, the majority of my clients are woman and 95% of those are Moms!

The thing about weight loss is that everyone wants it fast and easy. There are a million different “diets” out there and most of them can actually help you lose weight. But the majority miss the point. The point is not just losing weight for the sake of losing weight. Its about getting healthier! When I say “getting healthier” I’m not just talking about food either. The majority of “coaching” I have done with weight loss clients over the past 7 years has little to do with food. No really, I’m serious. It is more about helping my clients create a healthy “relationship” with food. Its teaching people how to put themselves first and make themselves a priority. Its about having healthy boundaries and really connecting with what makes you happy! I always ask “HOW DO YOU FEEL”!

When we love ourselves we want to eat REAL FOOD, we want to NOURISH ourselves with healthy food and with the LOVE and time it takes to prepare it! We want to MOVE our body and FEEL life flowing through our veins! When you love yourself enough to make your health a priority, everything else falls into place. It really is that easy.

My most difficult lesson and biggest challenge has been learning to love myself, prioritize myself and be the best that I can be for ME, but also for my two girls. As a mother, I am PROUD to say my number one priority is ME!  Yes, that’s right. Call me selfish. But let me ask you, how else can I bring up two strong, loving and confident girls if I don’t lead by example and teach them how to love themselves and just how incredibly worthy they are of that love?  Our kids mimic everything we do. They really are our “Mini Me”….for better or worse.  Ask yourself -Would you want your child to be treated the way you treat yourself??

Be the best Mom you can be, LOVE YOURSELF!

Ciara xo