Podcast Episode 58: The One Shift That Will Drastically Change Your Sales

The One Shift That Will Drastically Change Your Sales

This week, Ciara takes us back to 2008 when she purchased two franchises and had no Plan B. She talks about the feeling of investing fully in herself, and the challenges and opportunities it brought to sink or swim.

Ciara shares how her sales were dead in the water until she turned it all around with a simple mindset shift. After she adopted this new technique, she found lifelong clients and customers she WANTED to work with and found true joy and inspiration.

She talks about how our ego-mind can hold us back, and what you can learn from her experience to become a trusted and busy wellness practitioner with a booming business and dream clients.

The One Shift That Will Drastically Change Your Sales

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  •  What was the realization that Ciara had about her mindset, and what shifts did she make to call in a different energy? 
  • The more Ciara made her work about true connection and impact, the easier the whole process became. 
  • The key is connection, knowing yourself, and being in service. 
  • When you focus on a true connection, you begin to take on clients that are a good fit and who are in alignment with your soul and purpose. 
  • How does Ciara build a deep connection with her clients? 
  • How has Ciara’s sales process changed over the years, especially since when she first bought her first two franchises? 
  • Are you the type of woman that you are wanting to attract as a client? First you have to walk the walk. 
  • Everybody is going to be energetically attracted to what is a good match for them, and there is more than enough to go around. In Ciara’s world, wellness practitioners can help each other.


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