Podcast Episode 57: Setting Yourself Up to Win! Beat Cravings, Balance Your Plate and Build Confidence

Setting Yourself Up to Win! Beat Cravings, Balance Your Plate, and Build Confidence

Let’s talk about setting yourself up to win! Wellness is a life-long commitment, and it’s more about our actions, habits, and lifestyle than just about a diet or eating vegetables. If maintaining a healthy weight and building great habits was a New Year’s Resolution or on your goal list for 2022 and you feel as though you are hitting a plateau or need a push, Ciara has your back.

This week, she talks about how to set yourself up in a way where you are satisfied, energetic, and not left with constant hunger or intense cravings. She talks about why you may feel out of control and the little tweaks that will make all the difference including nutrient density, making sure you are getting enough volume, and a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbs.

When you take out all of the stuff that undermines your best efforts and applies your principles, your main focus will be planning and making sure you have what you need to be successful. You can do this and you can feel amazing!

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How to set yourself up for sustainable and consistent success.
  • What are the top reasons you still have cravings and are hungry, even if you feel like you are eating all the right foods?
  • How can a community of women and having a coach help support you and make it way easier for you to reach your goals?
  • Should you be snacking in between meals?
  • The best strategy for intermittent fasting.
  • Could you be undereating? How to make sure you are getting the right volume in all your meals!
  • Ciara gives a few examples of what a balanced plate looks like and a few tools you can use to track your macros.
  • Your body has no clue what a calorie is! So what does matter in terms of nutrient density and giving us clean energy and proper nutrition?
  • What foods have the most nutrient density?
  • What are the very first steps of working with Ciara?

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