The Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Sick & Sad-And What To Do About It!

I was 26 years old, married and pregnant. I should have been happy, as a kid in a candy store, but I wasn’t.

For years, I had struggled with body image issues and was constantly beating myself up for not being “perfect”. I existed on what I now call the “reduced joy” diet of non-fat, low-fat, sugar-free, low calorie “dead” food. I clocked countless hours in the gym but was no closer to my goals. Feeling defeated and already depressed, pregnancy became my “excuse” to throw in the towel. I stopped working out cold turkey and jumped on the “see food” diet! I ate everything in sight; especially burgers, fries and sugar filled milk shakes to wash it all down.

What followed was a downward spiral that turned into post-partum depression, inability to connect with my new baby and a complete disconnection from my then husband. Weekdays I barely got off the coach. Weekends when my corporate lawyer husband was around to look after our baby, I just stayed in bed.

Somehow, I managed to pull myself out of that mess with a 12-week exercise challenge, along with a complete overhaul of my diet. The change caused me to do an 180 and a few months later when my daughter turned one (she’s now 11), I was in school studying nutrition.

While in school, it all came together. I was NOT just unhappy because I had put on a bunch of weight. I’m serious; it was not just the weight! Now having over eight years of experience as a Certified Nutritionist under my belt, I know 100% that all my problems started with the food I was eating…..or rather eating me!

Migraines, anxiety, ADHD, depression, binge eating, hormonal imbalance, PMS and the all too common 3pm crash are all common symptoms I see in my clinic on a regular basis. The fantastic news is that many of these symptoms can very well be traced back to food being a major aggravator.

If you’re suffering from any of the above, addressing these three things could be the start to a whole new you!

1) Gluten

You may be getting sick of hearing about gluten. You may think it’s a fad. You may also believe that it is only important to stay away from gluten if you have Celiac.

I vehemently disagree.

But what if you don’t have any reaction to gluten you ask? By reaction, you’re probably talking about your gut. Most people think this is the only way you can tell if gluten is negatively affecting your health. Most people would be WRONG. Gluten can rear its ugly head and have an impact on the health and function of ANY organ. Next to the gut, I have seen countless clients suffering because gluten is affecting their brain! Therefore, it is no shocker to me that there are clinical studies backing this up too!

So when I’m doing an elimination diet with you. I’m not just concerned with digestion, bloating, heartburn, and constipation. I’m also interested in your ability to focus on a task, brain fog, migraines, headaches and your mood. Suffering from anxiety and depression? Do not overlook this! Please note that it can take up to three months to see the full benefits.

2) Artificial Sweeteners

Many people are still trying to cut sugar out of their diet by using artificial sweeteners. I do not care if you are struggling with obesity, trying to fit into your skinny jeans or even have Diabetes. I beg of you, please STOP! For years, the FDA has been getting all sorts of complaints about their side effects. Headaches, gut issues, skin rashes anyone? Now recent studies have shown that using artificial sweeteners can, in fact, increase your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates AND your risk of Diabetes and Obesity! Hmmm isn’t that exactly what you are trying to prevent? Yes, that’s what I thought. So stop using these little packets of poison. They have ZERO value.

3) Your Diet Sucks!

You’re pulling out your hair because all you really want is that donut on your co-worker’s desk. You’re summoning all the will power you have, but you still find yourself walking over to her desk. You take a big bite of that donut and instantly you feel your body relax. It just tastes so yummy and makes you feel sooooo good. But does it? Next thing you know the negative self-talk starts “Damn it, what is wrong with me, why can’t I stick to this diet? “ The problem here is NOT you.

Cravings are simply your body’s way saying you’re missing nutrients or experiencing low blood sugar. If your body does not have the raw materials it needs to build your cells properly i.e. vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals it will keep sending a signal you’re HUNGRY! Nutrient dense foods are the cornerstone of health and feeling satiated. The other part of the puzzle is eating meals that have the correct ratios of protein, fat, fiber and carbohydrates! If you make sure that every meal and snack have all these components, cravings that zap your mood, energy and make you feel like an emotional basket case, will disappear!

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with love,

Ciara Foy

Originally posted on www.dailyhiit.com