Sustainable Weight Loss- It’s a “Family Affair”!


The most elusive part of weight loss is the ability to maintain results. My focus is not just about helping you lose weight, it’s making those results last a lifetime!

Here are some tips to help sustain your weight loss goals while helping your family become happier and healthier in the process!

Mom’s-Set the Tone

Weight loss may seem like a daunting task and can have many negative connotations, but it doesn’t have to be that way! I believe the whole point of weight loss is to “get healthy”. It can be an empowering and positive journey for both you AND your whole family! Involve your kids in food preparation and make it a family affair. The more fun you can make it, the more positive an experience it will be and the more likely it will become a lifestyle ritual that you and your kids look forward to and continue over the long term!

Sustainable = Changes You Can Make Forever

I always cringe when I hear about “diets” that include cutting out a whole food group or demonizing specific foods.  I also believe you should “never say never”. It is simply not realistic to say you will “never” have another cupcake or give up beer “forever”.  I encourage you to make healthy choices 80% of the time so that you can feel free to have a little birthday cake at your child’s party. I want you to feel like an active participant in many positive events in life that may include less than amazing food choices. At the end of the day, if you give up something completely and you lose 20lbs. That’s great! But if that’s not something you can maintain forever, the weight will return when you start consuming that item again. Give yourself some “wiggle” room and you will find it is easier to remain consistent over the long term.

Baby steps

Losing weight and getting to a place of vibrant health is a journey. Think of it as a “marathon and not a quick “sprint” to the finish. The little changes absolutely make a huge impact over the long term. Plus, when you take baby steps it makes the journey more manageable and therefore enjoyable! You don’t have to drastically change your eating habits. Switching out your breakfast of instant oatmeal and bananas and replacing it with slow-cooked oats, berries and cinnamon, topped with some almond butter is not a “huge” leap. However, the extra nutrients, protein, fat and slower burning carbohydrates will help keep you full longer and reduce cravings. Every little bit helps!


One Family Meal

It can be difficult enough to plan one healthy dinner for yourself, but if you have to plan two or three in an evening to suit all of your family’s different tastes, it can be downright daunting! If something is that difficult, it is simply not sustainable. So make it easy on yourself, only make one meal. That’s it. Choose a lean protein that will suit everyone in your family and make several healthy sides. The kids may not choose to eat the brussel sprouts, but they may be just fine eating the oven baked sweet potato fries and some chicken and that’s ok. The key here is variety, not everyone needs to eat everything put on the table. You may be surprised what kids will eat when they get to choose!
Weight Loss is not Easy, but it CAN be simple! If you are confused about nutrition, but committed to getting healthy, I can help!