Snacks Shouldn’t Equal Junk Food!

Hi, Niav’s Nutritious Nibbles here!  Today I’m writing about the horrible junk food that I see at my school.   Like bear paws, Kellog’s Rice Krispie squares, “snackables”, dunkaroos or gross frozen pasta, or other microwavable lunches.   Have you ever looked at the ingredients in these things?


I would rather have home-made cookies with 70% cacao chocolate chips for a treat or home-made pasta but none of that CRAP! I go around my school at lunch thinking in my head “ YUCK why do they eat that and eww Twinkies”.


As you all know, I love to cook.  My Mom is pretty lucky because I mostly take care of my own lunches.  I simply make sure we make a little more for dinner so I can bring leftovers for lunch. If I don’t have leftovers to turn to, I usually make a quinoa salad because it’s super fast, already has some protein and I can throw in any veggies, cooked or raw that we have in the fridge. Sometimes I just throw together a salad with the pre-washed greens we have and add a little chicken and some fruit and vegetables. Top it off with a little goat feta and it’s super yummy!  The most important thing you can do to make sure your kids eat healthy is having the good food in the fridge.  My fridge always has lots of fruit and veggies, so it’s easy for me to grab and go.


I personally would hate to be sent those gross packaged snacks full of chemicals to school. Kids like what they are used to, so start elevating what you feed them and pretty soon they will love good food just like me!

So here are some substitutes instead of packing your kids junk:

  • Organic popcorn homemade of course
  • Celery with sunflower seed butter and raisins
  • Frozen grapes are delicious and taste like popsicles
  • Pomegranates are so good too (kinda messy)
  • Mango is my all time favourite snack (yes, I have a sweet tooth)

Tons of fruits are great snacks for school.

Also if you look on my Mom’s page there are some delicious coconut flour blueberry muffins that are nut free too, just don’t use almond milk in them!

That’s it for today.  I hope I have inspired you to pack some yummy food for your kids this week!


Niav’s Nutritious Nibbles