Podcast Episode 035: Women & Addiction. The Only Way Out Is Through with Lisa Carpenter

Women & Addiction. The Only Way Out Is Through with Lisa Carpenter

Ciara is joined this week by good friend and colleague Lisa Carpenter. Lisa is an author, coach, and host of The Full Frontal Living Podcast. She shares her own story in deciding to give up alcohol,

and how many of our addictions today are minimized or made to seem just part of mom culture or social media. She and Ciara also talk about learning to feel and validate your emotions rather than

numbing them, and how we can get clear on what limiting beliefs are holding us back from living our biggest and best life. Lisa has over 20 years of coaching experience, along with an extensive

background in nutrition, fitness, and helping people develop an inner sense of responsibility and resilience.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • As a society, we have not been taught how to manage our emotions and stress, and it’s more clear than ever after this year that we are in serious need of help as a society and individuals.
  • Whether it’s food, alcohol, spending, or being addicted to work, everyone has something that is their go-to drug of choice. Some are deemed acceptable by society while others are more covert.
  • Ciara talks about why she will have a glass of wine now and then with no guilt or regret, while Lisa shares the reasons that she decided to give up alcohol.
  • When you feel neutral about something, you can really enjoy it for what it is rather than using it as a way to numb, escape, or push down your emotions.
  • Lisa shares how she figured out that drinking wasn’t aligning with her highest values, and she and her husband took on a change of how they viewed and labeled themselves.
  • It is our responsibility to be with the emotions we are navigating.
  • What we try to avoid by drinking is usually the connection and deeper relationships we are actually seeking.
  • You can fight for your limitations, but it requires self-parenting and taking responsibility for your choices.
  • So often we are making light of people’s illness, especially with humor and through social media.
  • Lisa’s tips for beginning to pattern interrupt your habits and replace them with ones that feel healthier and more sustainable.
  • Lisa describes her podcast Full Frontal Living as the same feeling of standing in a snowstorm naked. This woman bares all and isn’t afraid to go out there and sit in discomfort.
  • If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you need to look at the stories you are telling yourself.


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