Podcast Episode 033: Learn How To Balance Your Hormones With Nutrition, Stress, Sleep & Exercise!

Learn How To Balance Your Hormones With Nutrition, Stress, Sleep & Exercise!

This week, Ciara dives into a deeper look at how she provides an experienced and thorough approach when working with her clients. Instead of just guessing at what to eat, when to eat it, and foods

to add in or take away, it is important that you become clear on what is happening with your hormones, and what personalized approach would work best for you. Ciara talks about the DUTCH test

and gives a few examples of specific recommendations she would give to her clients based on their symptoms. She explains why she doesn’t do recipes or meal plans but really teaches her clients

how to eat for their own situation to balance their blood sugar, manage weight, and reach new levels of health.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How Ciara works with her clients based on her experience, their symptoms, and the DUTCH comprehensive hormone test to make recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes.
  • The importance of good sleep for body repair, healthy melatonin levels, and insulin sensitivity.
  • How sleep impacts our hormones and why it’s important to not eat too close before going to bed.
  • All of it matters — how much you are eating, what you are eating, and when you are eating it.
  • Ciara doesn’t do specific meal plans but works with each client so they get a personalized road map of how to start making small changes for big results.
  • More about the 10 Day Detox that helps to eliminate inflammatory foods and repair gut health and balance blood sugar.
  • When you work with Ciara, you also learn how to make sure you include enough protein in your meals and get a feel for when to have certain types of carbs and starches based on your energy levels and goals.

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