Podcast Episode 014: You Aren’t Alone This Holiday Season

Ciara shares a super raw and vulnerable episode this week, talking about the feeling of some heaviness and sadness that comes with this year’s holiday season. With so much uncertainty around us this year, Ciara wanted to acknowledge the feelings, but then also really encourage you to step up and not wait for the New Year to make health a priority. She talks about how to make this holiday season a time to set solid boundaries and commit to choices that make you feel your best, with tips for keeping your healthy eating and drinking habits intact during a time where there could be added pressure.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Even with all the practices and tools for health and grounding that Ciara has, everyone feels heaviness and sadness now and then. Ciara opens up about the challenges that this holiday season brings, especially when it comes to being separated from family and friends.
  • As humans, we need to connect with each other. Our immune system and mental health depend on that. Even if you can’t physically see your loved ones this season, even just a phone call or Zoom can make a real difference.
  • Let’s not wait until January 1 to commit to taking impeccable care of ourselves and invest in self-care.
  • Ciara shares some great tips on being social and enjoying great food without feeling regret or shame.
  • It’s really about being present with the ones we love (as much as we can this year) during the holiday season.
  • How little changes such as drinking more water, taking some walks, and eating your protein first can make a big difference.
  • It’s not about restriction or not having fun, it’s more about tapping into how you want to feel and making it memorable for all the right reasons.

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