Podcast Episode 007: Setting Boundaries and Owning Your Success with Sharon Kim

This week, Ciara welcomes special guest and client Sharon Kim. Sharon has been in the field of finance for over 20 years and has reached an executive level in her career that very few women have. Ciara and Sharon talk about how to set aside time and space for health in a busy and demanding schedule, why more women need to claim their success, and tips for navigating the new remote workplace.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Sharon is the most senior woman at the executive level of her job. She is one of Ciara’s examples of someone that makes it to the top of their field and is so busy, but still stays dedicated to their health and wellness.
  • Selfishness isn’t the worst thing. In fact, when we prioritize ourselves we can give to others more fully.
  • It’s essential to carve out a little bit of time for yourself and your well being each day. For Sharon, one non-negotiable is finding just 20 minutes a day to exercise. Another tip is time-blocking so her family knows what she is doing and when she is available.
  • Sharon explains how she works at a high level and manages many people, yet has good boundaries for her time and work hours.
  • As far as we’ve come for women in the workplace, we still have a long way to go to have women represented at the executive level.
  • Sharon notes that the major differences she sees between men and women in management is the confidence men have to clearly state what they want and what they feel they deserve.
  • In the new work from home landscape, it’s important to stay visible and top of mind to your managers.

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