Read the caption- this is NOT about fitness, but it is about transformation!⁣ ⁣ My then 5-year old daughter took the video on the right in the hallway of a hotel room in Spain just weeks before my…

Read the caption- this is NOT about fitness, but it is about transformation!⁣

My then 5-year old daughter took the video on the right in the hallway of a hotel room in Spain just weeks before my 40th birthday. ⁣

I thought I was strong, and I was confident in my own skin at this point.⁣

My push-ups, however, they were sub-par, poor form. I was still building my strength.⁣

The video on the right was filmed a week or so ago…..HUGE transformation, perfect form, total alignment and strength. ⁣

We could look at this as just a physical transformation and that would be just fine.⁣

However, I want you to know that there is a lot more than meets the eye here.⁣

By forty, I had been working out for more than 20 years…..yet, I was only progressing so much. Many of those years, I worked out to “get skinny” or “lose weight”.⁣

Or simply to punish myself for eating too much or not “being enough.”⁣

It wasn’t out of pure love for myself until after my second daughter was born.⁣

That’s when life really tested me, and I had to up-level my strength in all areas.⁣

I was a single Mom with two kids, and at that time my relationship with her dad wasn’t one that started with love, but rather one in which we were both trying to make it “work.” and eventually created love.⁣

In six years from the time I was pregnant to my daughter’s 5th birthday, I transformed the person I was, and I’ve been getting stronger ever since.⁣

The smallest evidence of that is my physical strength. ⁣

I took a long and tough path to growth and managed to transform that relationship. ⁣

From thinking I wasn’t enough, and I had to chase love. Give up my boundaries, take what I could get and not “rock the boat.” ⁣

To standing in my power, knowing I was worthy of the love I craved and I wouldn’t accept anything less.⁣

I was able to boldly communicate what I wanted and what I didn’t want.⁣

I went from being with a man who wasn’t both feet in to turning the relationship on its head and having the same man fall in love with me and ask me to marry him.⁣

Not long after this trip to Spain for my 40th, engaged and seemly having everything I wanted, I stepped away from that relationship.⁣

People, relationships and circumstances come into our life for a reason.⁣

I experienced so much profound growth the relationship was no longer in alignment for me. ⁣

The way I operate today is simple if it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a hard NO. ⁣

I don’t compromise on my dreams or negotiate my worth. ⁣

I don’t try to control everything, and I allow things to come and gracefully exit if need be. ⁣

I have stable and loving boundaries.⁣

Now I have the ability to love deeply. ⁣

I can be empathic without it stealing my energy.⁣

I can hold space for people to go through their “stuff” because I’m not making it about me. ⁣

I can do this because I hold a core love and respect for myself that has fueled my confidence and made it easier to be soft and vulnerable on the outside. #feminineenergy ⁣

I’m sharing this with you because underneath your struggle with “weight loss” “stress” “business” “mental health” “disease” “hormone imbalance” “gut health” or “relationship issues” there is MUCH MORE and this is the CORE work I do with my clients. ⁣

Nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, these are the foundation of growth and transformation.⁣

They are essential, but they are NOT everything. ⁣

Without the tools to do the inner work, it’s near impossible to make them “stick,” which is why diets fail and the weight loss industry is worth billions.⁣

The actual work is about stepping into your power, speaking your truth, breaking the ties of toxic relationships (romantic, family, professional) and especially the one you have with yourself. ⁣

I guarantee you the largest source of stress in your life, the one that is messing with your hormones, mental health and success is the negative self-talk you’re listening to all day every day in your head.⁣

Confidence is an inside game, and I’m here to coach you to win in all areas.⁣

It’s time I step into my calling and release my gift for not only helping you become “Unstoppable.” ⁣

I’m also going to help you tap into your divine feminine power and attract the love, success and life you desire.