Podcast Episode 56: Who Are You, Really?

Who Are You, Really?

You may be able to carry the persona of someone you want others to think you are. Or introduce yourself as someone and quickly be able to come up with a one liner about who you are when asked, but are you really that person?

This week, Ciara goes deep to have a real talk about how to know if you are being honest with yourself, and walking the walk instead of just the talk. She starts by sharing how in her book, Empowered by Food, we become unstoppable actually in the journey of becoming the woman who gets to her goal, and food is just one piece of that.

Ciara talks about how building trust in yourself builds confidence, how to stay on top of your wellness non negotiables, and how who you are is way more than just a label, or someone else’s opinion of you.

If you are a woman who desires to develop more connected relationships with the people closest to you, this concept is the foundation.

If you’re a coach who is having difficulty building your business because you’re continually having to work hard to attract new clients. Then I know you need to go deep within yourself and start connecting and inspiring your clients. This will build momentum in your business because your current clients will want to work with you longer and refer you to their friends.

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How confidence is built from the inside out.
  • How do confidence and integrity intertwine?
  • Ways to build confidence and show up in a way that gets you to your goals and matches your highest self.
  • Are you embodying the things you are telling others to do?
  • Integrity starts with following through with the promises you make.
  • Living in integrity and staying disciplined about what really matters to you may also bring up some tough conversations and require you to sacrifice some things you are (or aren’t) doing now!
  • Why do you feel so unsuccessful when you have so much on your plate?
  • When your talk matches the walk, you build trust and confidence in yourself.
  • How does Ciara stay true to her three foundational pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, and exercise.
  • When things get challenging and busy, are you digging in even more to your health and taking care of yourself?


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