Podcast Episode 54: Ending Money Drama and Finding Gold In Your Story: Amanda Moxley

Ending Money Drama and Finding Gold In Your Story: Amanda Moxley

Ciara welcomes her friend, international business coach, speaker, and author Amanda Moxley. Amanda has over 16 years of experience in the space of mentoring and businesses online and off and helping others embrace their unique story to inspire others and get to

the heart of who they really are. 

She talks with Ciara about her own transformation with knowing her value and having a healthy money mindset, ending money drama, how to get to an equal exchange with your clients as a coach, the power of vulnerability in telling your story, and how our money and

body are powerful indicators of how you are showing up for your own needs and health.

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How Ciara and Amanda met at a VIP weekend in Los Angeles run by their Coach Katrina Ruth, and why it’s essential to surround yourself with those who inspire you to keep growing and getting better. 
  • Why is knowing your story critical for your personal and professional success? 
  • What are some ways we can become better speakers and really get to the vulnerable heart of our story? 
  • What are the biggest mistakes new health coaches make when starting out? 
  • Amanda shares how she learned to set boundaries and healed her money mindset. 
  • How money and our wellness goals are interconnected and a reflection of how much we are prioritizing our own needs. 
  • A few mantras and affirmations you can use for yourself, including Amanda’s one of being a “lean, loving, money-making machine!” 
  • How Amanda stays in her in her feminine while also being extremely independent, business-minded, and athletic.


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