Podcast Episode 52: Why Authenticity is the New Currency: Katrina Ruth

Why Authenticity is the New Currency: Katrina Ruth 

Ciara is joined this week by a VERY special guest, the most influential person in her business growth and mindset, author, speaker, podcaster, coach, and entrepreneur Katrina Ruth. Katrina shares

her inspirational story and what drew her to both wellness and the business space. She talks about being authentic and trusting your inner voice, even if it shows up differently than the crowd.

Katrina also talks about the inspiration behind her very popular blog, and how she encourages herself and others to always accept change and growth in their own life.


Get ready for some fire in your belly and for the inspiration to show up exactly as you are, and know that it’s enough!

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Just who is this magical Katrina Ruth, and what drew Ciara to connect with her?
  • You are always changing and growing, and that should show up in your business as well.
  • How does Katrina keep herself healthy and grounded so she has the energy to help impact others and transform into their best?
  • What “magic” skills does Katrina think are necessary to be a great coach, mentor, and entrepreneur?
  • Big things happen when you follow what is inside of yourself!
  • Katrina discusses how her blog posts start from the practice of self journaling.
  • Why is it so important to be in the room with people that align with your values and help energetically lift you up?
  • What are some practical ways we can step into our authenticity and show up in a way that helps us share our highest gifts with the world?

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