Podcast Episode 049: Be Your Own Doctor and The Benefits of Essential Oils Dr. Laura Hughes

Be Your Own Doctor and The Benefits of Essential Oils Dr. Laura Hughes

Science Meets Spirit this week when Ciara welcomes Dr. Laura Hughes, Naturopath, Life and Mindset Coach, and host of the top-rated Earthling 101 podcast. She shares the story of why she

officially retired her Naturopathic medical license in 2019 and followed the call of ‘doctor heal thyself’ to work on herself and coach others to step into their well-being. Ciara and Dr. Laura talk about

understanding our emotions to understand our body, how our belief systems affect our health, and the many ways you can be your own doctor. Dr. Laura talks about her passion for essential oils,

which ones she personally uses, and the many ways to use them for the best results.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Laura sets the example that it’s never too late to follow your passions, even if you have spent years going in another direction.
  • Be Your Own Doctor and The Benefits of Essential Oils: Dr. Laura Hughes
  • Laura shares what it was like working as a Naturopath, and while she was so grateful for the experience, she knew there was another path and different direction in helping people realize their own healing power.
  • Laura experienced a profound shift when her father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away quickly after the diagnosis. She knew it was her time to listen to her intuition and dedicate herself to healing herself and lighting the way for others.
  • We can consciously create when we partner with our nervous system.
  • How can essential oils help ground us?
  • Why does Laura prefer doTerra oils? Why does it matter how oils are sourced?
  • What are the different essential oils that Laura and Ciara both use for immunity, sleep, energy, and relaxation?
  • How our belief system plays into our health.
  • Emotions are the compass of our soul, and when we have stuck emotional wounds or trauma, that can cause disease.
  • Think that perfume or hand sanitizer you put on every day isn’t doing any harm? Think again.
  • Building trust through self compassion is when our deep healing happens.
  • Let’s reframe what it really means to be productive. That means welcoming a day of just rest, or clearing your calendar when you need a day to just be.


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