Podcast Episode 048: Finding Alignment Through Numerology with Meaghan Alton

Finding Alignment Through Numerology with Meaghan Alton

Numerology can be a powerful tool to help you find your North Star, answer some of life’s most difficult questions, and connect you with your purpose and truth. This week, The Empowered

Feminine Podcast host Ciara Foy welcomes CertifiedNumerologist Meaghan Alton, who talks about the power of this tool. She explains what numerology is, how we can use it to tap into our truth

and knowledge, and how she got into it from an unlikely path of corporate and business. She gives a sneak-peek into Ciara’s chart and provides some resources for those looking to possibly become a

certified numerologist coach.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Finding Alignment Through Numerology with Meaghan Alton
  • What exactly numerology is, and how it can help you tap into your intuition.
  • The interesting way Meaghan came to numerology through a corporate background.
  • How does our body tell us when we are out of alignment?
  • Numerology can help us explain and accept parts of us that we typically would have shame about.
  • Advice for those who want to coach and support others in numerology.
  • Numerology is an amplifier to your own alignment, and you can easily use it with other modalities. In fact, that is encouraged! Find out what else Meaghan pairs it with.
  • How can numerology help set us free from our shadow traits?
  • Can we use numerology to make sense of the world both from a micro and macro level?

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