Podcast Episode 047: Executive and Single Mom Uses Mindset To Lose Over Forty Pounds with Michelle Zorn

Executive and Single Mom Uses Mindset To Lose Over Forty Pounds.

This week, Ciara puts a spotlight on an amazing VIP client, Michelle, who has shown phenomenal progress and could serve as an inspiration, no matter where you are in your health journey. Michelle

openly shares about her weight gain and finally deciding she wanted to feel better, and why she sought out a coach. She talks about the changes both in lifestyle and mindset that she made and a

few huge factors like sleep that made a world of difference in her feeling great. Now down more than 40 lbs, Michelle wants to share her message of hope, dedication, focus, boundaries, and

discipline, and why there is no perfect time better than today to start.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Executive and Single Mom Uses Mindset To Lose Over Forty Pounds
  • Ciara looks at each client’s food diary so it is an individual approach since a diet is not a one size fits all approach.
  • The more you commit to yourself, the more successful you become.
  • Our health is an everyday commitment, it is not something that you do for a week and then forget about.
  • What was the point Michelle decided to focus on her health?
  • Michelle describes herself as naturally shy and introverted. How did she step out of her comfort zone so courageously?
  • Michelle learned about the importance of sleep and how we make better decisions, have more balanced blood sugar, and have a more positive mood when we get the adequate amount of sleep.
  • Michelle cut out dairy and saw a drastic improvement in her digestive issues and bloating. However, if she does want an ice cream she doesn’t say “never” but instead makes it a conscious choice.
  • It’s never the perfect time to start, and we all have busy and distracting lives. Michelle credits her hard work and dedication to helping her maneuver through life’s challenges.

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