Podcast Episode 041: Life Is Tough, So Drop The “I Can’t” And Find A Way To Win

Life Is Tough, So Drop The “I Can’t” And Find A Way To Win

Ciara posted a picture of her first gym class back, and it lit a spark for the conversation this week. She may be a little slower right now or not able to do that extra push-up, but she feels great in her

body and has kept a healthy weight. This year, many people have found themselves in a very difficult spot with much uncertainty and stress. Our response to this may have been to try and numb

ourselves with food and alcohol, or even just to let our exercise and relaxation fall to the wayside. This week, Ciara discusses why this is the time where our habits matter most. When we put

ourselves first, we build trust in ourselves and confidence in our ability to win. She shares a few success stories from her VIP program that will inspire you to know if they can do it, so can you.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • When the pandemic hit, many people relied on unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • Workouts are not the only way to lose weight, and that belief keeps you stuck.
  • Don’t discount what you can do during a very busy and stressful time.
  • It’s the routine and consistency that matters.
  • Oftentimes we make it way harder than we need to. There’s always a way to win.
  • As a single mother and busy entrepreneur, Ciara knows that it is her personal responsibility to stay healthy so she has energy for herself and those around her that depend on her.
  • Yes, there is no guarantee in life, but you can reduce your risk factors and you can make yourself harder to kill.
  • What can you do right now to help yourself feel better?
  • When you are in the weeds, you pull yourself out. When things are crazy and you invest in yourself, everything will be better.
  • When you decide you will take impeccable care of yourself, it builds trust in following through.
  • Examples of a few of Ciara’s inspirational VIP clients that realized the power and inner strength they have.

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