Podcast Episode 039: Weight Loss -It’s Never About Food

Weight Loss -It’s Never About Food

As Ciara reflects upon her recent birthday, she speaks about a feeling of pride for the hard work and dedication she has put in towards her own healing journey. This brings up the topic of

worthiness, and that you don’t need to wait for things to be perfect or for life to settle down to begin your wellness journey. In fact, that is the time that you need it most. Ciara opens up about

battling and overcoming her own eating disorder, and how she created a lifestyle that is based upon making choices that lead her to show up healthily and happily for herself and others. Whether

you are looking to lose weight or just begin healing your hormones, the first step is knowing you are worthy of putting yourself first and keeping your personal promises.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • We often see the finished results of someone’s health journey, but there is so much growth that can go on behind the scenes. Ciara had done (and continues to do) a ton of inner work, hiring coaches, and learning to let go of old practices that did not serve her.
  • Ciara developed an eating disorder in her 20’s that caused her to feel much shame and stress. She speaks about how she overcame it from an emotional standpoint first, and how disordered eating is rarely about food and more about control.
  • Weight loss is much more than calories in / calories out.
  • Those that have disordered eating are far from defective — in fact, those are the people that are often high achievers.
  • Ciara talks about how having a stressful and fast-paced job at a law firm led to some eating habits that were sabotaging the healthy eating she did during the week, and how just two days off could make such a big impact on meeting her wellness goals.
  • The shame that one can feel when engaging in disordered eating can be crippling and isolating.
  • Why restricted eating tends to lead to binging.
  • Ciara explains that although recipes can be great, they can also be a hurdle for people trying to add in healthier items and let go of perfectionistic tendencies.
  • When you treat yourself with love, respect and care you don’t allow other people to mistreat you.
  • Ciara has love for her clients and will be there to help, but if you work with her, know that she is going to call you on BS “I can’t” type stories and limiting beliefs!
  • Find an example of someone who did what you want to do, to show you that anything is possible.
  • When your life is in chaos, that’s the time you want to double down on your own wellness.
  • The first step is knowing you are worthy of health, and getting crystal clear on your boundaries.

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