Podcast Episode 037: Powered By Love, Synchronicity and Alignment with Anna Lozano

Powered By Love, Synchronicity and Alignment with Anna Lozano

This week, Ciara is joined by Anna Lozano, mom entrepreneur, conscious creator, and co-founder of Love Powered Co. Anna shares a bit of her journey, talking about immigrating to Canada from

Poland, and how she shifted her beliefs about wealth and abundance through seeing that you don’t need to be burnt out and exhausted to have the life of your dreams. She talks about launching

Love Powered Co. to help others consciously create their reality, how their Mini Decks for kids can help foster mindfulness and gratitude at a young age. Finally, she and Ciara talk about the

synchronicity and community that show up when you are in divine alignment.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Anna was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada, and speaks about the programming and conditioning to wealth that she worked on later on in her adult life to help her serve at an even higher purpose.
  • Anna asked the universe to help her create a product that would help millions of people, and Love Powered Co. was born.
  • Anna talks about the affirmation cards that Love Powered offer, and how they have expanded to include Mini Decks for children, Digitals, Coloring Books, and much more.
  • A power greater than you will support you and give you synchronicity when you are in alignment.
  • How affirmations can serve as a powerful tool to help us reprogram our subconscious mind.
  • More about the four steps of the creation process: frequency, thoughts, words, and inspired action.
  • How we eat, how we move and sleep, and what we think has a profound impact on our frequency.
  • Why it’s very important to listen to our body and not just try to distract or push through symptoms or things like adrenal fatigue.
  • You are always going to feel uncomfortable and feel resistance when you start pushing boundaries, but having some tools like journaling and Love Powered Co. can help.
  • How Ciara and Anna got to each of their decisions to move, and the synchronicity that now makes them neighbors in the same community of British Columbia!
  • A trusted coach or guide is a great resource to help you get clarity and take inspired action.

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