Podcast Episode 036: How This 64 Year Old Athlete Went From Multiple Organ Transplants To a Bikini Competition

How This 64 Year Old Athlete Went From Multiple Organ Transplants To a Bikini Competition 

This week, Ciara welcomes Julia Lynn, a 64 year old athlete, who is the ultimate story of what discipline, focus, and determination can look like when you take accountability for your health. Julia

shares about her health challenges in the early part of her life, including diabetes which led to multiple organ transplants and a bypass. She talks about what made her decide to take control of her

own health and not let her busy schedule be an excuse. Now as Julia prepares for a bikini competition, she sets a terrific example of breaking down barriers at any age. She and Ciara also talk about

listening to your body and how one specific diet is not a custom one size fits all approach for everyone.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Julia was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 11 and has been through double organ transplants and a bypass. Instead of focusing on the negative, she saw this as an opportunity to take back and health and to thrive at new levels.
  • True health is what we build every day with our nutrition, health, sleep, lifestyle, etc.
    There is no reason to fear aging if you are fit.
  • How Julia took it one step at a time while in Saudi Arabia and Mexico to realize she needed to make a big change in her health.
  • Taking care of your health is a way to honor the ones you love, so you could show up and be there for them in the deepest way.
  • Julia is an example that lifting weights will slow down the aging process and make you toned and lean.
  • Keto may not be right for everyone, and Julia loves feeding her body healthy carbs!
  • Our innate intuition is so powerful, listen to your body.
  • Big life events can make us feel like we need to push our wellness habits aside, but that is really when we need them most.
  • Putting herself first has helped Julia feel an inner reservoir of strength and resilience.
  • When the student is ready, the teacher appears. You have to be a vehicle for opportunities.
  • As you change, your goals and priorities will change too.
  • Knowing your body is a real element of getting fit, but it takes personal accountability.

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