Podcast Episode 034: Give Yourself A Break By Partnering With Your Body

Give Yourself a Break By Partnering With Your Body

Ciara starts the episode by recapping the preparation for her cross country move and reflecting how although it was a stressful situation with a lot of moving parts, she did a few key things that kept

her healthy, focused, and energized throughout the process. She talks about what “giving yourself a break” really looks like, and why that’s not necessarily the movie and pizza night we often picture.

When you turn your mindset around and do more for yourself during the really busy and challenging times instead of eating the wrong foods and running yourself to empty, it makes the situation

that much easier. Through experience, Ciara learned to walk the walk that she asks of her clients, and gives some simple yet highly effective tips.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How to give yourself a break without really making things worse and throwing yourself under the bus.
  • What we eat and how we rest really does affect not only our physical health, our mental health, and mood too.
  • Focus on what you can do today to make tomorrow a little easier.
  • How Ciara navigated a cross-country move in a way that supported her and her daughter with nourishing food and proper rest.
  • A few of Ciara’s top supplements such as Vitamin C and magnesium to help support your body.
  • Our busiest times are when we tend to give up our self-care, but it is when we need it the most.

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