Podcast Episode 030: Choose Your Hard- Health Or Disease?

Choose your hard – health or disease?  Ciara got such a great response from last week’s episode with Trish, the single busy mother who took a year to get her health and mindset straight, lost over 80

lbs and found her motivation, drive, and inner strength in the process. The comments and emails were overflowing with gratitude for sharing Trish’s story, and one common takeaway – in order to

really make progress and get healthy – we need to put ourselves first and really get accountable on our habits and daily choices. This week, Ciara talks about choosing your hard, and how eating right

and moving your body may seem hard, but the consequences of what happens when you don’t are so much more serious and complicated.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  •  A lot of people have many reasons why they can’t do something. They are too busy, other people need them, not enough time, etc. Ask yourself, are the things you are fighting for aligned with your goals or self love?
  • Ciara discusses the concept of “hard” when it comes to eating right and taking care of yourself, and how what is really hard is the consequences that come with illness, lack of energy, and even more serious outcomes.
  • When you don’t abandon yourself and your values for what others want or expect, you gain more respect and trust in yourself.
  • Trish was a great example of choosing her hard. She pushed her body and sacrificed eating processed foods, but she realized it was even harder risking not being there for her child.
  • When things are tough, that is not the time to abandon ourselves. That is the time to dig in.
  • Everything is a choice. The limiting beliefs that are the things stopping you from your goals are usually just stories we tell ourselves, and the things you think are hard are a drop in the bucket compared to the things that can happen if you don’t take consistent and continuous steps to take full responsibility for your health.
  • The things you think are hard in life are nothing compared to losing your health. Nothing is harder than disease.
  • It is not a question of IF we will get sick if we don’t take care of ourselves, rather it is when will those things come?

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