Podcast Episode 029: How A Busy Single Mom and CEO Lost 80 lbs During The Pandemic and Turned Her Health Around

This week features a real and raw conversation with an amazing woman who not only lost 80 lbs in one year but completely reinvented herself. Trish had a health scare that showed her that she

wanted to live a different way, and step by step, every day, she followed that path. Now, she looks like a living, breathing fountain of youth and is an example to women everywhere that it is possible.

Trish talks with Ciara about the amazing ways her life opened up when she decided to take control of her health, how she prepares her healthy diet to include enough protein as a busy single mother

and business owner, and the benefits of working with a coach. Trish is always on a mission to see how good it can get, and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • The life altering event that caused Trish to really think about her “why” and led her to shift her habits on a consistent basis and put her health and wellness first.
  • If Trish makes time for a clean diet and exercise as a single mom and busy entrepreneur – so can you!
  • Trish shares some of her tips for success when traveling and being on the go so you can still win the day.
  • If we don’t listen to the little nudges our body is sending us, we will have to make time for our illness.
  • It seems as though taking care of yourself will take so much time, but really, it frees up time and gives us more energy to be a better mother, friend, leader, etc.
  • Excess weight doesn’t always have to be about someone just eating more. Oftentimes weight can be a barrier and protection mechanism.
  • Start where you are. Trish may be extremely disciplined and detail-oriented, but even just committing to walking more or lessening processed foods is a great start.
  • Trish’s journey of hiring a coach, and why it’s crucial to pick the coach that is right for you and then really apply what they are telling you.
  • Trish and Ciara discuss the importance of getting enough protein, along with feeding your muscle and metabolism, it is anti-aging and won’t make you turn into a bulky bodybuilder despite what others may say.
  • Trish focused more on what her body could do rather than a number on the scale or a pants size.


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