Podcast Episode 028: The Desire Factor with Mindset Expert Christy Whitman

This week, Ciara welcomes Christy Whitman, New York Times Best Selling Author, teacher, coach, and channel for The CounciL.  The Council is made up of spiritual mentors that are here to spread the 

message of Quantum Energy Mastery. Christy talks about her new book, The Desire Factor, and how she wrote it with the intention to spark a shift in the consciousness of the reader and to help them go 

inward to process their emotions so they could align with their highest potential and be a match for all the abundance waiting for them in their highest vibration. Ciara and Christy also talk about feeling the 

“bad” emotions to get to the good, some practical tips to become more present and grounded today, and how happiness and joy are almost always our choices, despite what the external environment may

temporarily look like.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Our thoughts and words are so powerful, and they create a mind/body response that attracts things to (and away!) from us.
  • Christy’s resources and tools to show people how we can positively impact our mental health no matter what is happening in the external world, including her new book The Desire Factor.
  • When we feel our emotions rather than suppress them, it frees us up.
  • How Christy went from having everything she thought she wanted and a perfect life on paper to really digging into her conscious spiritual journey, that led her to now be one of the most prominent and well known voices in spirituality and wellness.
  • Christy’s own story of meeting one of her mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and how it was a direct result of her taking responsibility and shifting her own energy.
  • How we can turn it all around, even when we are feeling stuck and hopeless.
  • Whatever you focus on is what you are going to get more of.
  • It’s not about what’s happening outside of us, it’s about our reaction to it.
  • The three questions that can ask yourself that will change your life.
  • How to set yourself up to be a vibrational match for what you desire by already feeling as though you have it.


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