Podcast Episode 023: What Are You Really Hungry For with Kiki Athanas

Kiki Athanas knows that a solid relationship with our own mind, body, and soul is so much more important than being “perfect” when it comes to healthy eating. This self-described “Ex-Perfectionist” talks

with Ciara about how she finally turned around her relationship with food after trying almost every diet and eating fad out there. Now, she coaches and guides busy and powerful women to change their

mindset when it comes to food and to really use their intuition to find what works best for their bodies. Kiki and Ciara also share some tips on being more mindful when eating, freedom from emotional

eating, and where to begin even if you feel far away from optimal health.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How to begin to create a better relationship between yourself and food.
  • When we try to be “perfect” about our eating and our diet, it can turn unhealthy and become an obsession. The real power is within the flow of knowing we have a choice to pick what foods make you feel great.
  • Kiki shares how she used the technique of mBraining to connect her heart, brain, and gut to all be working in tandem with each other instead of being out of sync.
  • It’s usually never about the food itself, it’s more about the stored and blocked emotions that we use food to distract ourselves and push these uncomfortable feelings down.
  • Kiki shares more about her 6-week collectives where she works with women to get into the flow of their feminine energy and really connect to their own bodies.
  • Why hunger gets a bad rap!
  • Intuitive eating doesn’t mean eating everything in sight just because it’s there, nor does it mean eating junk food non stop!
  • Eating is simple and life is hard, but often we get the two backwards.
  • The body loves and craves variety. The more diverse your microbiome, the healthier your immune system.
  • When it comes to eating in a way that supports your health, you don’t need to learn something new, it’s a relearning of what you already know and carving out blockages so you can reconnect with what’s there.
  • Food is one of the most abused drugs out there.
  • Kiki and Ciara also help women build trust in themselves and see that they have their own back and can show up and be accountable for themselves instead of always putting others or their work first.
  • Choosing to not eat something can absolutely come from a place of abundance.
  • Three deep breaths to get you into coherence where your gut brains.
  • Your body makes the rules and tells you, and it’s your job to pay attention.
  • The poison is in the amount in the foods your body can not tolerate well. Once you heal you may be able to incorporate a small amount. Work with where you are.
  • The more you are out there living your dream life, the less you will want to overeat.


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