Podcast Episode 021: Getting Unstuck, Weight Loss, and Loving the Journey — A Hormone Solution Transformation

This week, Ciara welcomes her former client Barbara to set an example of how The Hormone Solution can change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Barbara talks about the night and day

difference she sees in her emotional and physical health since she started the program in December 2019. She not only has lost weight but balanced her blood sugar, improved her relationships, and

gained a whole new level of confidence. She opens up about how she finally decided to commit to her health, what challenges she overcame, and how she is now just enjoying the journey.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Why Ciara made the Get Unstuck Program the first tier of her program, and why it made the biggest impact on Barbara out of all the modules.
  • How the Hormone Solution gave Barbara a level of confidence to go after all the things she wanted, including her passion for fashion blogging.
  • Why Barbara decided to join The Hormone Solution in December 2019 and make a commitment to her health.
  • Oftentimes we know what we need to do, but are stuck in our negative self stories and bad habits.
  • Learning how to change your language is critical to navigating into what you want and a higher level of self-mastery and self-love.
  • Barbara opens up about learning to trust herself and follow through with her nonnegotiables.
  • How Barbara sets up her day to not only feel good but enjoy the journey rather than just have it be the means to an end.
  • Why it’s more important to rely on discipline rather than motivation.
  • The challenges Barbara encountered during the beginning of the pandemic with her gym closing and how she overcame it. Even if you have a setback, you can gather yourself and begin the journey again.
  • Having a routine not only helps you stay on track but it gives you grounding, certainty, and comfort and those are things that we need right now.
  • Some eating tips for counting your macros and making sure your plate is filled with enough protein and vegetables.


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