Podcast Episode 013: The Top Factors in Sleep That You Should Know But No One Talks About

Sleep is the most critical component to our health and virtually every part of how we function in everyday life is dependent on it. Which is why Ciara wanted to dedicate this week’s episode to it. Tune in to hear the top reasons so many people struggle with sleep, the major factors to getting better sleep that are not often discussed, and her top tips to consistently get restorative and restful sleep. Warning: the things discussed this week may have you getting better sleep than ever before. 

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • There is always something you can do to better your sleep, and Ciara has over 15 years of experience of seeing people drastically turn their sleep habits and experiences around. 
  • What melatonin is, and how it is a protective hormone for our sleep. 
  • Why balancing the blood sugar is the number one step in getting our sleep under control. 
  • The role that movement and exercise plays in our ability to get restorative and restful sleep. 
  • The ways that our cortisol levels, stress, and blood sugar greatly impact our sleep. 
  • Blood sugar balance starts with proper food combination and truly balanced meals. 
  • The importance of starting your day right and tending to your own needs mindfully rather than reactively. 
  • How to set yourself up for success in the morning and properly wind down for the hour before bedtime. 
  • The role coffee and alcohol can have in impacting our sleep. 
  • How herbs like Holy Basil and minerals like magnesium can be great ways to naturally get better sleep. 
  • The lifestyle pieces are the hardest things to change, but they are the most important.

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