Podcast Episode 010: Self-Coaching: Simple Steps To Take You From Fear and Uncertainty to Responsibility and Success

As a woman’s health and hormones expert, Coaching is really Ciara’s area of full genius. She is thrilled this week to bring in a few of the foundational tools she uses with her clients to move them past fear and feeling stuck and into a healthier and empowering routine. She discusses the steps towards creating a clear vision and making it happen: finding your why, taking responsibility, using your intuition, and so much more. Tune in, and get ready to get real! 

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Why it’s more important than ever to add daily practices in your routine to keep you grounded and feeling safe in yourself during this time of uncertainty. 
  • The importance of tuning into your own intuition to feel what feels right for you and your wellness. 
  • Whatever happens, you want to be able to look back and see what led to it. When it comes to health, there is always more to learn and grow from.  
  • Finding out your WHY is everything and the basis for getting and staying healthy. 
  • You have to own your own success and take responsibility for your actions and how you spend your time. 
  • Have a serious conversation with yourself. When you take responsibility, you give yourself strength and take yourself out of the victim mentality. 
  • Dream and create a vision. 
  • What are you tolerating? Are you living in (and accepting) a reality that leaves you feeling bloated, stressed, and anxious every day?   
  • We need accountability, consistency and a judgement free zone to help us understand why we sabotage ourselves. Then, we can take small steps towards success, and celebrate every little win. 
  • Listen to yourself. Tap into your feelings and take the time to honor yourself every day.  


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