Podcast Episode 005: Tuning Into the Frequency of Your Truth with Dr. Laura Foster

Ciara was joined this week by Dr. Laura Foster, a chiropractor for 24 years that took the bold leap to retire her license and pursue her truth. She is a mom, retreat leader, yogi, speaker, coach and creator of Reclaim Your Voice and Badass Boundary Setting for Wholehearted Women. Laura and Ciara both speak about their methods for finding and listening to their truths, even when it may challenge the status quo. They dive into why it’s good to be uncomfortable and face the unknown with an open heart, and how the feminine uprising is palpable and guaranteed to shift the world as we know it.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Laura speaks about leaving her 24 year career as a chiropractor and how she married her passions of travel, health and yoga to mentor women all over the world.
  • It can be challenging to try and navigate the line between being a regulated professional and speaking your truth and standing up for your beliefs. Both Ciara and Laura share their experience with navigating it with class and grace, even during the shaky moments.
  • Intuition is a powerful tool that women in particular are gifted with and we need to foster it more; not shy away from it.
  • It’s important to ask yourself the hard questions, and really check in, instead of numbing yourself from the truth.
  • What looks like success doesn’t always feel like success if we are being inauthentic.
  • Giving yourself “a break” doesn’t have to mean cheat days or destructive behavior; self care is “a break”. The short game can be fun, but you really want to play the long game.
  • You can have self love while still wanting to make changes in yourself.
  • It’s okay to say no to other people especially when we’re saying yes to ourselves.
  • People pleasing is not only exhausting and inauthentic, but it actually damages relationships.
  • Having strong boundaries and mutually beneficial relationships means pushing past the discomfort to have the difficult conversations.

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