Podcast Episode 003: How To Shift Your Mindset + Get Into Alignment With Your Goals

We are diving in to get vulnerable this week, as Ciara talks about a piece of the puzzle you may have yet to focus on that is so critical to your success — your mindset. She explains why knowing doesn’t equal doing, and why you have to have the right mindset to really go all in and make yourself a priority. Ciara opens up about her own experience in coming to the realization that being a perfectionist isn’t what is always needed in self-care and healing and shares a few practical ways you can shift your mindset for success today.

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • It takes a lot of vulnerability to look at yourself and ask the hard questions, but it is worth it to get to the truth of what’s really happening so we can shift our mindset and heal.
  • Our body speaks to us through symptoms. We can only ignore them or push them down for so long before they are screaming out and making it pretty hard for us to do anything else but focus inward on ourselves and our health.
  • Our beliefs are the blueprint that dictates our actions. If you are unable to get to the next level of health and well-being, you must first look at the stories you tell yourself and your core beliefs.
  • As women, we are often taught to put our own needs last and to be seen and not heard. This conditioning can lead us to not set the boundaries we need to make ourselves a priority, leaving us frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed.
  • Ciara opens up about the eye-opening moment as a new mother that really made her think about what qualities she wanted to embody as a role model for her daughter.
  • Working on your mindset isn’t something to approach from the perspective of wanting it to be perfect. It is an everyday commitment with good days and more challenging days.
  • Journaling had a massive impact on Ciara and is something she teaches to her clients as a way to gain a foothold on their beliefs and mindset.

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