Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Focused accountability around your health goals:

  • Discover your mental blocks and LEAP over them (no dilly dallying).
  • Reconnect with who you are, and the way food makes you feel (no more guilt is the goal).
  • Make emotional eating and perfectionism distant memories.
  • STOP counting calories, and instead receive simple meal plans that even non-cooks will find easy to throw together.
  • Find out how to listen to your body, and how to handle overpowering cravings.
  • Connect how you feel to what you are eating. It’s that simple.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Initial Consultation and Twice Monthly 1:1 Appointments

 If you’re here because you’d like to take your health to the next level, but what you’ve tried on your own, simply isn’t getting you the results you crave.

If you know you need personalized attention and accountability but you’re the type of person who is very self-motivated and can easily follow through on an actionable plan.


This virtual coaching program is for you.


You’ll start by completing a detailed questionnaire and health history form.  We will then chat via phone or video call so I can learn about who you are, where your health is at, your goals and challenges.  This allows me to put together a customized program that includes a meal plan, recipes and guidelines on hormonal balance.  Plus personalized supplement and lifestyle recommendations to help you address the specific underlying conditions you’re struggling with.



  • 1 hour 1:1 initial consultation (via Skype or Phone)
    • We will do a thorough health history and go deep with your goals and what has historically held you back in order to set you up for success.
  • Twice monthly 1:1 appointments (Skype or Phone) that include food journal review and mindset exercises
    • You will submit a progress report and food journal twice a month to keep you accountable and allow me to tweak your nutrition and lifestyle plan to ensure it’s continually aligned with your goals.
  • meal plans and recipes
  • customized lifestyle and supplement recommendations to match your goals
  • access to private Facebook group for community support and accountability



This program ALSO gives you access to my signature online program Body Aligned where you’ll be part of an exclusive Facebook community and a private website that you can login to at any time to view dozens of coaching videos, meal plans and resources that is updated on a monthly basis.  Not to mention access to my weekly video group coaching calls.


My virtual coaching rate is $499 a month with a 3-month minimum commitment done via PayPal.  When you continue after the initial 3 months, billing will be done on a month to month basis.