Boost your Metabolism


Your metabolism is a process in which your body uses calories at rest and how fast or slow it works depends on fitness levels and nutrition. Ciara Foy, Registered Nutritional Consultant at the Satori Urban Wellness Spa in Toronto shares her secrets on how to get with the program just in time for bikini season!

Why Do We Need to Detox?


Detox diets have been all the rage for the past few years in celebrity tabloids—from cold pressed juices to ingesting clay, nothing is shocking anymore as long as it has the suffix “detox” to follow suit. Toronto-based nutritionist, Ciara Foy, explains how detoxing works and what benefits it provides the body.

Overhaul your Hair


Strong, healthy hair that is soft to the touch but looks shiny is every woman’s envy. As we age, however, our hair becomes thinner and dull due to hormone changes, diet and decreased cellular reproduction (plus the endless styling and colour we put our crowns of glory through).

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