No Dairy? No Problem!

No Dairy?  No Problem!


“If I give up Dairy products, how will I ensure I get enough calcium”?


Dairy is not the most absorbable form of calcium! Intake from foods like almond milk, tahini, soaked almonds, bok choy, sardines, salmon, dark leafy greens and bone broth (tastes better then it sounds!) are much better choices!   600 milligrams per day from food (approximately two servings of almond milk products or bone-in fish) is plenty to maintain adequate levels of calcium in the body. Healthy bone formation also requires vitamin D and vitamin K2, both of which regulate calcium metabolism. A well balanced whole food diet is usually adequate to provide most people with their daily calcium needs without supplementation.  The other very important and often overlooked requirement for healthy bone formation is weight bearing exercise!  Don’t be afraid to throw around something heavy!


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